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Nano drugs labeled "pass"

The body's immune system to recognize and destroy foreign matter. In...

Posted at: 2016-01-06

Zhang Feng gene editing company to be listed Editas

SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) announced a heavy message, ...

Posted at: 2016-01-05

Atherosclerosis can predict cognitive decline

Emory University researchers A recent study found that, compared to ...

Posted at: 2016-01-04

The new editing techniques of Gene

A published in the international journal Science research paper, res...

Posted at: 2016-01-04

Columbia created the world's first medical venom database

You've heard do not kill people but people can be cured of toxins it...

Posted at: 2016-01-04

Introduction of Colistin sulphate

Colistin sulphate is a polymyxin antibacterial produced by assertive...

Posted at: 2015-09-27