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Infected mothers, offspring autistic?

A research team from Denmark found that hospitalized suffered serious infection sufficient to women, when their pregnancy are more likely to suffer from autism so that future generations; to a recent study published in the International Journal of Science thesis on the United States from Massachusetts researchers at the University of Medicine (University of Massachusetts Medical School) and other agencies on the study reveals the possibility of the mechanism of this phenomenon.

Article researchers found that mice, the process of severe inflammation in the body of the mother's immune cells will be activated to produce an immune effector molecule IL-17, thereby interfering with fetal brain development, block this signaling molecule perhaps It will return to normal behavior and brain structure of the fetus. In the mouse body, after the establishment of inflammation researchers used an antibody to block IL-17 to treat the mother, which can improve certain behavioral symptoms that appear in the offspring of the body, but the researchers were not clear in mice How much research can be transformed into human studies.