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Help reveal the pathogenesis of autism and Alzheimer's disease psychosis

Researchers from the University of Texas study mapped the catalytic process by sulfur oxidation enzymes in the body, which for understanding autism, Alzheimer's disease and Down's syndrome chemical balance of the body provide some help; research He pointed out that at present we do not know the working mechanism of sulfur oxidase, and why the presence of sulfur-oxidizing enzyme metabolism of the body in patients with Alzheimer's disease, our job is to sulfur-oxidizing process of reverse engineering operations, draw cysteine ​​dioxygenase in mammalian and bacterial spectrum of chemical mechanisms, so as to develop effective therapies or drugs to treat related diseases provide new ideas.

Depth understanding of the different behavior of sulfur in bacterial cells oxidase or by a new way interfere with the metabolism of bacteria without affecting the patient, thereby to destroy bacteria structure; this work is a study provided by the NIH $ 333,810 for a period of three years of research programs, the researchers said Khaledi, in the present study, we use rapid mixing, freezing quenching technique to amplify and analyze the relevant chemical reaction between the millisecond intervals, the researchers then compared their in mammals and metabolic processes of bacteria in the difference.