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Roche PD-1L New Drugs

Roche announced atezolizumab treatment of locally advanced metastatic urothelial cancer of the latest achievements in clinical phase II trial (Item No. IMvigor 210).

Atezolizumab is based on a study drug design targets PD-1L monoclonal antibody, and PD-1 and B7.1 T cell surface by inhibiting PD-1L, after the lifting of the two-mediated inhibition of T cell immunity, thus inducing T cell activation, rebuilding the body of tumor cells to monitor and attack capability.

IMvigor 210 study showed that patients with high expression of PD-1L median overall survival (mOS) reached 11.4 months, while the overall average mOS study population was only 7.9 months. In addition, the presence of atezolizumab test the efficacy of the response of patients, 84% of subjects without PD-1L can affect the level of change to get the disease continued to improve, with a median overall survival of 11.7 months. The results also show, atezolizumab well tolerated, clinical trial data Adverse reactions with the previously announced similar.