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People with high IQs live longer

Humans live longer than in the past. According to World Health Organization (WHO) report published in 2015, the longest average life expectancy of Japanese, reached the age of 84, the average American life expectancy is 77 years old. However, it is clear that some people live longer than others longer. In the face of death, people and unequal.

How to explain this inequality? Epidemiological studies confirm people's intuitive understanding: lifestyle affect life expectancy. A study published in 2012 in "preventive medicine" (Preventive Medicine) on research in five years time tracked more than 8,000 people. The study found that smoking does not allow the risk of death from any cause reduced 56 percent, exercise can reduce 47%, a healthy diet reduced by 26%. Italian researchers analyzed the Monty 西坎 residents Sicilian diet, here is known for its rich centenarian. The survey found that, in addition to physical activity and maintaining close contact with relatives outside the centenarians have insisted on the traditional Mediterranean diet.

And a more surprising finding is closely related to mortality and IQ: On average, IQ means longevity. Lan Dearyh the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and colleagues used data psychological surveys, provide a lot of evidence of this relationship. In 1932, the Scottish government in a day school for almost all children under 11 years were about IQ tests. 60 years later, Deary and his colleagues at Lawrence Whalley Aberdeen surveyed had tested what people still alive, these people at this time has been 76 years old. The results are alarming: intelligence each added 15 points, the probability of living to age will increase by 21%. For example, the IQ 115 people live to 76 years of possibility than IQ of 100 (ordinary average) 21 percent of people.

Researchers around the world have been repeated more than 20 longitudinal studies on the relationship between IQ and mortality, it led to the birth of cognitive epidemiology, the discipline dedicated to understanding the relationship between cognitive function and health. This emerging field is a major discovery, socio-economic factors do not fully explain the relationship between IQ and longevity. In a study conducted for the central Scotland area, researchers put more than 900 volunteers have been involved in the 1932 investigation of the IQ test scores and their results in the early 1970s, the National Health Survey associate. The researchers found that, economic status, unemployment, overcrowding and other adverse living conditions, these statistical control variables of IQ - mortality of only 30% contribution.