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Zhang Feng gene editing company to be listed Editas

   SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) announced a heavy message, Editas Medicine submitted the application listed on NASDAQ (S-1 document). This means that only the creation of more than two years of Editas CRISPR gene edit fields will become the first IPO companies. S-1 documents from the point of view, Editas plans to raise $ 100 million, of which $ 20 million for 1500 to preclinical and clinical trials LCA10 project, $ 22 million is intended for cancer treatment Juno Therapeutics cooperation projects in preclinical studies.

Editas by Zhang Feng and Jennifer Doudna was founded in November 2013, the two founders are CRISPR early inventors. The company named its inception Gengine, later renamed Editas, after the listing, the stock code: EDIT.

Editas the listing application submitted, Editas detailed description of their own financial situation, strategic direction and risks faced by information.