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Atherosclerosis can predict cognitive decline

   Emory University researchers A recent study found that, compared to the blood pressure, the pulse wave velocity measured by atherosclerosis and a sharp decline in cognitive abilities more relevant. The findings are published in the "Hypertension" magazine, which might provide a better prediction of future dementia results, rather than just measuring the blood pressure levels.

And high blood pressure and mild cognitive impairment and dementia, almost no one knows the impact of arteriosclerosis increase on memory.

The researchers studied 591 asymptomatic healthy adults who once every five years for participants vascular assessment and cognitive testing. The researchers found that artery atherosclerosis is "flexibility" of a sign, it is not only associated with the loss of future cognitive, while compared with the blood pressure levels to better predict who will develop into people with cognitive disabilities.

Special observation by atherosclerosis, we can identify a set of cognitive decline in the peak risk period of healthy adults. Especially those with higher pulse wave velocity and high blood pressure is the biggest risk period, an associate professor of medicine and neurology at Emory School of Medicine, University of Ihab Hajjar said.

"Our study shows that patients with hypertension-related cognitive more likely associated with changes in arterial structure and function, not just with a simple blood pressure levels associated", Hajjar said.

Therefore, the authors suggested that lower blood pressure just is not enough, we will take together to lower blood pressure and pulse wave velocity interventions, this is the prevention of cognitive disorders associated with better treatment options dementia.