Columbia created the world's first medical venom database

You've heard do not kill people but people can be cured of toxins it? Because of the animal's growing interest in the therapeutic value of venom, a pair of data scientists at Columbia University, created on animal toxins known physiological effects on humans and the first catalog.
VenomKB, called venom knowledge, summed up the 5117 results of the medical literature, these documents describe the toxin as a painkiller and as therapeutic agents for cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart failure and other diseases. Automatic analysis derived from literature, VenomKB documented library of nearly 42,723 various venom effect on the human body. Despite the use of modern medicine so far only a small part of the record of toxins, but the researchers hope that this directory can stimulate the discovery of new compounds and treatment.
"Based on this list know we can count venom and treatment." Assistant Professor and member of the Institute of science data at Columbia University Medical Center, biomedical informatics Tatonetti said. "Now the question is: How do we use this information with other databases to discover new compounds and drugs?"