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Infected mothers, offspring autistic?

A research team from Denmark found that hospitalized suffered seriou...

Posted at: 2016-02-03

Roche PD-1L New Drugs

Roche announced atezolizumab treatment of locally advanced metastati...

Posted at: 2016-01-13

People with high IQs live longer

Humans live longer than in the past. According to World Health Organ...

Posted at: 2016-01-13

Help reveal the pathogenesis of autism and Alzheimer's disease psychosis

Researchers from the University of Texas study mapped the catalytic ...

Posted at: 2016-01-11

Novo Nordisk submitted to the EMA long-acting clotting factor

Danish pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk today announced that the Eu...

Posted at: 2016-01-07

Sanofi dengue vaccine Dengvaxia re Philippines, Brazil approved

Dengue (Dengue) is an acute dengue virus vector-borne diseases cause...

Posted at: 2016-01-06